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Brick Donors

Margaret "Peggy" Hengy Kaiser

In Honor & Memory of Margaret "Peggy" Hengy Kaiser, Respiratory Therapist August 11, 1964 - November 20, 2022 "Your Light Continues to Shine"

Kerry McNiven

In honor of Kerry McNiven for her endless dedication to Respiratory Care.

Franklin Robert Chambers

In loving memory of my dad Franklin Robert Chambers - Kimberly Chambers

Gary Shapiro

In loving memory of Gary Shapiro

Adan Ramirez

Daniel Rowley

LGBTQ Respiratory Therapists take pride in advancing the art and science of respiratory care.

James F. Schell

In Honor of My Wife Dr. Karen S. Schell - James F. Schell

Karen Schell

Ride to Breathe 2017 - Karen S Schell, Participant Rider, AARC International Congress, Indianapolis Indiana - "Rally to Congress"

Matt Raine

In memory of the loved ones that have made lasting impressions & To all the people that impact us each and every day! We Love You

Tricia Winters

In Loving Memory of My Father David D. Russell - Tricia Winters

Rita Longardner

In Honor of the Dedicated Staff at River Side Methodist Hospital - Columbus, OH

William Scicolone

In Loving Memory of Donna Marie Scicolone - November 13 1949 - September 28 1958 - William M. Scicolone Family

Penny Gergich

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away

David Lucas

Thank God for my RT Career

Nancy Colletti

In memory of Lilian Feeney

Cheryl Inghram

In loving memory of Ronald and Pat Lardie

Richard Pellegrini

Richard Pellegrini, RRT

Amy Pellegrini

Amy Pellegrini RRT-NPS, CPFT, ACCS

Mark Kemerer

Mark Kemerer - 45 year member, dedicating to the Respiratory Care Profession that has given me great opportunities and great rewards

Victoria Peterson

In Memory of Deb Harchick-friend, coworker, mentor.

Gene Andrews

Grateful to my wife Betsy and daughters Michele & Jaclyn for sharing me on my journey in the Respiratory Care Profession - Gene Andrews BS, RRT, FAARC

Trudy Watson

In honor of the charter members of the T.B.R.C.

Anne Kwiatkowski

In honor/memory of all the patients that have touched my heart and/or caused me to be a better respiratory therapist. Thank you

Cynthia Keely

In Memory of Thomas and Louise Kerner

Shelly Klein

Shelly Klein, MN

Dr. Stephen Mikles

Dedicated in Memory of Dr. Stephen Mikles on behalf of the FSRC

Dianne L. Lewis

Dianne L. Lewis, AARC President 1993

Jackie Harvey

Dedicated to my family: David, Grant & Peyton. To my RT mentor Larry Felix and to my Kansas co-workers for sharing in the mission and fun with me!