Brick Donors

Nancy Colletti

In honor of the Perry family, for their fight against lung disease.

Jeri Eiserman

In memory of Mae Ann Hinkle, RN, an inspiration to all

Nancy Groves

On behalf of Mary Rutan Hospital.

Darlene Brady

Cardiopulmonary Department Wayne Memorial Hospital 2013 Darlene Brady, Peggy Cook, Betty Johnson, Laura Phibbs

John Peleuses

John Peleuses St. Vincent Medical Ctr Los Angeles

David Buckwalter

Terry Dudgeon

In memory of Marguerite Thrower

Jonathan Cope

In honor of the amazing John Hughes.

Heidi Obry

Mayo Clinic Health Clinic Eau Claire RT's working toward the future!

Bill Cohagen

To Dr. James Sutton and the class of 82! The Looper lives.

Mary Simmons

Dedicated to Florida A&M University. Mary Simmons, Ph.D, MPH, RRT

Gail Dutcher

In memory of a great RT and friend, Jill Cook- Gail Dutcher, RRT

Earl Moore

Dedicated to Dr. Forrest Bird, the greatest advocate!

Mark Hamm

Dedicated to all BETTER! Mark A Hamm RRT CHOA Atlanta

Paul Selecky

Doug McIntyre

Audrey Roman

Cheryl Hoerr

In memory of Gerard J. Hoerr. Miss you Dad.

Chuck Menders

Ruth Guandique

Ruth Guandique with Cynthia enjoyed 2013 AARC conference but had a blast @ Disneyland! Whoop, whoop!!!

Jacqueline Marsh

To all RT and all the good work that we DO

Lois Rowland

In honor of Robert A. Bageant, Founding Father VSRT/VSRC

Christopher Teegardin

Harborview Medical Center Seattle WA


Bethene Gregg , RRT, PhD - University of Kansas Medical Center. She goes above and beyond to inspire her students.

Crystal Hodge

Crystal and Jeni and Mark 2013 WV CAMCORDER

Jackie Harvey

Dedicated to my family: David, Grant & Peyton. To my RT mentor Larry Felix and to my Kansas co-workers for sharing in the mission and fun with me!

Dee Arkell

All those students who went on to be my teachers. Dee Arkell

Jo Ann Ikehara