Various bubbler and room humidifiers are featured.

In the early years of our profession, keeping the reservoirs of humidifiers filled was a major undertaking. Large bottles of distilled water were transported on carts for the technicians and therapists to refill room humidifiers and oxygen humidifiers. (One can only image the bacterial cross-contamination that resulted from this practice!) A variety of room humidifiers and bubble humidifiers are featured in this gallery.
Humidification devices used prior to the 1940s are featured in this section of the gallery.
1930s Steam Inhaler1930s Steam Inhaler
1930s Steam Inhaler
The French Blue and White enamel steam inhaler from the 1930s is from the collection of Felix Khusid.
Image from Felix Khusid
1932 Gas Humidifying Device1932 Gas Humidifying Device
1932 Gas Humidifying Device
In November 1932, F. A. Blashfield filed a patent application for a "Gas Humidifying Device. The patent was granted on September 25, 1934.
1938 Renwal Steam Vaporizer1938 Renwal Steam Vaporizer
1938 Renwal Steam Vaporizer
The box containing a Renwal Model 25 steam vaporizer from 1938 is pictured.
Humidifiers from the 1940s are featured.
1940s Metal Humidifiers1940s Metal Humidifiers
1940s Metal Humidifiers
In the 1940s, refillable humidifiers were constructed of a threaded metal top and metal reservoir, making it impossible for oxygen technicians to visualize the water levels in the reservoir.
Image from Dennis Glover
1940s Humidicrib1940s Humidicrib
1940s Humidicrib
The Humidicrib provided "scientific control of humidity and temperature to greatly increase the premature infant's chance of survival and normal, healthy growth."
1940s Walton Humidifier
A Walton room humidifier from the 1940s is shown. It was constructed of copper.
Copper HumidifierCopper Humidifier
Walton Copper Humidifier
A Walton copper room humidifier is shown with the lid removed. The unit could either sit on the floor or on a metal stand.
1949 GlycolAire Vaporizer1949 GlycolAire Vaporizer
1949 Hankscraft GlycolAire Vaporizer
A 1949 ad for a Hankscraft room vaporizer is shown. The unit vaporized a triethylene glycol solution "to reduce airborne bacteria and virus particles."
A variety of humidifiers from the 1950s are featured in this section.
Prac-T-Kal HumidifierPrac-T-Kal Humidifier
Prac-T-Kal Humidifier
Practical Electric Products, Inc. produced the PRAC-T-KAL automatic vaporizers and room humidifiers in the 1940s and 1950s. An "automatic vaporizer humdifier" from the early 1950s is shown.
Prak-T-Kal Room HumidifierPrak-T-Kal Room Humidifier
Prak-T-Kal Room Humidifier
A Prak-T-Kal humidifier from the 1950s is shown.
Walton Cold SteamWalton Cold Steam
Walton Cold Steam
The Walton Cold Steam hospital humidifier was described as a "centrifugal atomizer" that provided high humidity in oxygen tents or hospital rooms.
Thereafter, unheated hospital room humidifiers were referred to as "cold steamers".
This ad appeared in the December 1959 issue of the INHALATION THERAPY journal.
1955 Gilroy's Humidifier1955 Gilroy's Humidifier
1955 Gilroy's Humidifier
J. Gilroy et al filed a patent application for a "Humidifier" in November 1950. The patent was granted on January 18, 1955.
Glass ReservoirsGlass Reservoirs
Glass Reservoirs
In the 1950s, oxygen humidifiers with refillable glass reservoirs were introduced.
Image from Dennis Glover
1958 Hydrojette Ad1958 Hydrojette Ad
1958 Hydrojette Ad
The Air-Shields Hydrojette was a mobile, cool vapor humidifier used at the hospital bedside. This ad, which appeared in the September 1958 issue of the IINHALATION THERAPY journal, indicated that the device was recommended as supportive treatment for croup, bronchial asthma, poliomyelitis, bronchitis, and other respiratory disorders.
1950s Room Humidifier1950s Room Humidifier
1950s Room Humidifier
A 1950s room humidifier system is shown.
Image from Dennis Glover
Humidifiers from the 1960s are featured in this section of the gallery.
Puritan Bubble JetPuritan Bubble Jet
Puritan Bubble Jet
This ad from the April 1962 issue of the INHALATION THERAPY journal featured the dual action humidifier from Puritan Corporation. The Puritan Bubble Jet could be set for "vaporization or nebulization". It offered either a glass jar or a shatterproof plastic reservoir jar.
1960s Plastic Reservoirs1960s Plastic Reservoirs
1960s Plastic Reservoirs
In the 1960s, humidifiers with metal caps and refillable plastic reservoirs were introduced. A Melco humidifier is shown.
Image from Dennis Glover
1962 Combo Device1962 Combo Device
1962 Combo Device
This unit, patented on May 1,1962 was a "combined room humidifier and medicinal vaporizer or the like."
Walton Humidity CanopyWalton Humidity Canopy
Walton Humidity Canopy
The ad for the Walton Model HA humidity canopy enclosures indicated that they were "less confining for children or adults undergoing cold steam humidity therapy."
1962 Banks' Patent1962 Banks' Patent
1962 Banks' Patent
On July 27, 1962, Raymond Banks applied for a patent for a room humidifier. The patent was granted on November 3, 1964 to the inventor and originally assigned to Walton Labs, Inc.
1963 Ohio VaporMaster1963 Ohio VaporMaster
1963 Ohio VaporMaster
This ad for the hospital model Ohio VaporMaster humidifier appeared in the June 1963 issue of the INHALATION THERAPY journal. The unit included an aluminum reservoir basin.
Ohio Jet HumidifierOhio Jet Humidifier
Ohio Jet Humidifier
The reusable Ohio jet humidifier with plastic reservoir is shown.
Bennett Cascade HumidifierBennett Cascade Humidifier
Bennett Cascade Humidifier
The Bennett Cascade Humidifier is featured in this October 1965 ad from the INHALATION THERAPY journal.
Bennett CascadeBennett Cascade
Bennett Cascade
The Bennett Cascade humidifier was introduced in the 1960s. The heated humidifier was initially designed for use with the Bennett IPPB respiration units and later was also used with the Bennett MA-1.
Image from Lindsay Fox
1960s Plastic Cap and Reservoir1960s Plastic Cap and Reservoir
1960s Plastic Cap and Reservoir
In the late 1960s, resusable humidifiers with plastic caps and refillable reservoirs were introduced. In many devices, the bubbler unit was still constructed of metal. A Hudson humidifier is shown.
Image from Kerry George
Hudson HumidifierHudson Humidifier
Hudson Humidifier
The internal components of a Hudson humidifier is shown. the reusable unit had a metal "bubbler" with a plastic cap and reservoir.
Image from Kerry George
1965 Myklebust's Patent1965 Myklebust's Patent
1965 Myklebust's Patent
On April 16, 1962, Paal Myklebust filed a patent application for a room humidifier. The patent was granted on June 8, 1965 and assigned to the Hankscraft Company
Bunn HumidifierBunn Humidifier
Bunn Humidifier
The Bunn Defensor 505 Humidifier was featured in the October 1967 issue of the INHALATION THERAPY journal.
Several humidifiers from the 1970s are featured.
Hanskscraft HumidifierHanskscraft Humidifier
Hankscraft Humidifier
In the 1970s, many hospitals switched over to single patient use, room humidifiers such as the Hankscraft unit shown.
Disposable Reservoirs IntroducedDisposable Reservoirs Introduced
Disposable Reservoirs Introduced
For convenience and reduction in cross-contamination, pre-filled, disposable humidifier reservoirs were introduced.
1978 Humidilizer1978 Humidilizer
1978 Humidilizer
The Humidilizer, a room humidifier produced by MistO2Gen , was trademarked in 1978.
Image from Tony Ruppert
Humidifiers from the 1980s are featured.
Heat Moisture Exchangers IntroducedHeat Moisture Exchangers Introduced
Heat Moisture Exchangers Introduced
Heat Moisture Exchangers (HME) were introduced into clinical practice in the mid-1980s and provided passive humidification.
Image from Kerry George
Inspiron Vapor Phase HumidifierInspiron Vapor Phase Humidifier
Inspiron Vapor-Phase Humidifier
The Inspiron Vapor-Phase advanced humidifier model included adjustable temperature controls and temperature alarms.
Image from Tony Ruppert
Concha HumidifierConcha Humidifier
Concha Humidifier
A Hudson RCI servo-controlled, heated Concha humidifier is shown.
Image from Lindsay Fox
Bird Wick HumidifierBird Wick Humidifier
Bird Wick Humidifier
A Wick humidifier and heater by Bird Corporation is shown.
Image from Lindsay Fox
Bard-Parker Humidifier HeaterBard-Parker Humidifier Heater
Bard-Parker Humidifier Heater
A wrap-around heater for Bard-Parker humidifiers is shown.
Image from Kerry George
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