Support the museum with the purchase of a brick or a block.

We are “building” an online museum for the profession. Buying a brick or a block helps provide resources to make this project a reality. Celebrate the rich heritage of your profession!

After your purchase, you will be contacted by a staff member in order that you can provide the inscription you desire on your brick/block.

donor wall bricks

ARCF Virtual Brick

For $25, purchase a virtual brick with an optional 150 character inscription*.

ARCF Virtual Block

For $100, purchase a virtual block with an optional 400 character inscription and an image. Acceptable images include logos and people*.

Other ways to contribute to the museum.

*Bricks can feature a dedication of 150 characters or less, including spaces and punctuation. For blocks, you may have a written dedication and an image. Written dedications may be no more than 400 characters, including spaces and punctuation. Images must be submitted in JPEG or PNG format and be up to 528 x 528 at 72dpi. The file may be compressed by the AARC to optimize loading of the image. Acceptable images include logos and people. Pictures of equipment are prohibited. Dedications or images promoting products or services are also prohibited. AARC reserves the right to refuse an image or dedication deemed unacceptable or in poor taste, as determined by the AARC Executive Office. If you would like to confirm if a dedication or an image would be acceptable before purchasing a block, please contact Crystal Maldonado.