Aerosol Delivery Devices

Early aerosol generators including atomizers, bulb nebulizers, small volume and large volume nebulizers are featured.

Early DevicesEarly Devices
Early Devices
Various early aerosol delivery devices from the 1850s through the 1940s are featured in this gallery.
1858 First Portable Nebulizer1858 First Portable Nebulizer
1858 First Portable Nebulizer
In 1858, Dr. Jean Sales-Girons introduced the portable nebulizer: the pulverisateur.
Image from Mark Sanders
1864 Siegle Inhaler1864 Siegle Inhaler
1864 Siegle Steam Inhaler
The Siegle Steam Spray Inhaler incorporated steam from a small boiler to power the atomizer.
Image from Mark Sanders
1880's Vaporizer1880's Vaporizer
1880s Vaporizer
A brass vaporizer from the 1880s is shown.
Image from Felix Khusid
1883 Vaporizer1883 Vaporizer
1883 Vaporizer
A Cresoline Lamp Vaporizer from the collection of Felix Khusid is pictured
Image from Felix Khusid
1888 Smith's Atomizer1888 Smith's Atomizer
1888 Smith's Atomizer
On December 18, 1888, Howard Smith was awarded a patent for his atomizer.
1889 Asthma Specific Inhaler1889 Asthma Specific Inhaler
1889 Asthma Specific Inhaler
In 1889, Dr. Nathan Tucker reported that he provided "perfect relief and a cure" for asthma through his nasal inhaler.
Image from Gene Gantt
1908 Ombredanne Inhaler1908 Ombredanne Inhaler
1908 Ombredanne Inhaler
The Obredanne Inhaler (circa 1908) from Paris, France is shown.
Image from Felix Khusid
1910 Bennett Inhaler1910 Bennett Inhaler
1910 Bennett Inhaler
The cotton was saturated with analgesic or anesthetic agents. The patient inserted the device into the nares and inhaled the medication.
Image from Gene Gantt
1920s Steam Inhaler1920s Steam Inhaler
1920s Steam Inhaler
This Italian brass steam inhaler is from the collection of Felix Khusid.
Image from Felix Khusid
1920's Steam Inhaler1920's Steam Inhaler
1920's Steam Inhaler
This is the packaging for the 1920s brass steam inhaler from Italy. It was identified as the all brass Verona 30 F model.
Image from Felix Khusid
1935 Pneumostat Ad1935 Pneumostat Ad
1935 Pneumostat Ad
In the 1930s, an electric compressor nebulizer, the Pneumostat was introduced by Francis Riddell, Ltd. This ad is from 1935. The portable device weighed 9 pounds.
Image from Mark Sanders
1940s Nebulizer1940s Nebulizer
1940s Nebulizer
A glass nebulizer from the 1940s. Can you imagine trying to clean and sterilize this unit?
Image from Steve and Mary DeGenaro
1948 Aerohalor DPI1948 Aerohalor DPI
1948 Aerohalor DPI
In 1948, Abbott Laboratories introduced a dry powder delivery system for the administration of penicillin G powder.
Image from Mark Sanders
A variety of atomizers are featured in the next section of this gallery.
Circa 1900 Devilbiss AtomizerCirca 1900 Devilbiss Atomizer
Circa 1900 DeVilbiss Atomizer
An early DeVilbiss atomizer produced around 1900 is shown.
Image from Dennis Glover
1909 Meinecke's Atomizer1909 Meinecke's Atomizer
1909 Meinecke's Atomizer
On June 19, 1906, Christian W. Meinecke applied for a patent for an "Atomizer and Nebulizer". The patent was granted on April 20, 1909.
1910 Atomizer1910 Atomizer
1910 Atomizer
This vintage atomizer is from circa 1910.
Terry DesJardins
DeVilbiss #12DeVilbiss #12
DeVilbiss #12
This DeVilbiss #12 atomizer from the 1940s is from the collection of Felix Khusid.
Image from Felix Khusid
1940s Atomizer1940s Atomizer
1940s Atomizer
A Holmspray brand atomizer from circa 1940s is shown.
Image from Dennis Glover
DeVilbiss AtomizerDeVilbiss Atomizer
DeVilbiss Atomizer
A DeVilbiss atomizer from circa 1960s is shown.
Image from Angela Eaton
Hand BulbHand Bulb
Hand Bulb
Aerosol devices that incorporated hand bulbs are featured in this section of the gallery.
Wiesbadener InspirolWiesbadener Inspirol
Wiesbadener Inspirol
The Wiesbadener Inspirol squeeze bulb nebulizer rested in a wooden base and included an attachment that insert into the nostrils.
Image from Felix Khusid
Glaseptic NebulizerGlaseptic Nebulizer
Glaseptic Nebulizer
The Glaseptic Nebulizer was produced from the early 1900s through the 1940s. The reservoir and mouthpiece were made of glass.
Image from Robert B. Johnson
1930s Glaseptic Nebulizer1930s Glaseptic Nebulizer
1930s Glaseptic Nebulizer
A Parke-Davis Glaseptic nebulizer from the 1930s was used to deliver an adrenalin solution.
Image from Dennis Glover
1940s Glass Nebulizer1940s Glass Nebulizer
1940s Glass Nebulizer
A glass nebulizer attached to a large reservoir bag is shown.
Image from Dennis Glover
1944 Penicillin Nasal Nebulizer1944 Penicillin Nasal Nebulizer
1944 Penicillin Nasal Nebulizer
This combination device allowed the delivery of aersolized medication directly into the nasal cavity or could apply a slight negative pressure to drain the nasal cavities.
1948 Nasal Nebulizer Patent1948 Nasal Nebulizer Patent
1948 Nasal Nebulizer Patent
In May 1948, Seymour N. Blackman et al filed a patent application for a nasal nebulizer. The patent was granted on October 18, 1949 and assigned to Premo Phamaceutical.
Image from United States Patent Office
1940s Glass Nebulizer Instructions1940s Glass Nebulizer Instructions
1940s Glass Nebulizer Instructions
The instruction sheet for use of the DeVilbiss #40 glass nebulizer is shown.
Image from Steve and Mary DeGenaro
Devilbiss adDevilbiss ad
Devilbiss ad
This ad for Devilbiss nebulizers appeared in the September 1959 issue of INHALATION THERAPY journal (Vol.4 No.3, p.4)
Glass Nebulizer 40Glass Nebulizer 40
Glass Nebulizer 40
A DeVilbiss #40 glass, hand bulb nebulizer is shown.
Image from Dennis Glover
Pocket NebulizerPocket Nebulizer
Pocket Nebulizer
Although the materials have changed over the years, the design of the hand bulb has remained fairly constant. The pocket nebulizer does not require a compressor, electricity, or batteries---just manual compression of the bulb.
Image from Illinois Central College Archives, 1999
Assorted Atomizers and NebulizersAssorted Atomizers and Nebulizers
Assorted Atomizers and Nebulizers
An assortment of early atomizers and hand bulb nebulizers are shown.
Image fom Gregory Rittenhouse
Small VolumeSmall Volume
Small Volume
This section of gallery features devices with small capacity reservoirs or small volume nebulizers (SVNs).
Wright NebulizerWright Nebulizer
Wright Nebulizer
The Wright jet-venturi nebulizer was introduced in the 1950s. It was engineered from perspex and ebonite.
1950s DeVilbiss ad1950s DeVilbiss ad
1950s DeVilbiss ad
This DeVilbiss ad appeared in the INHALATION THERAPY journal in the 1950s and featured several of their aerosol-generating products.
Emerson MiniNebEmerson MiniNeb
Emerson MiniNeb
The Emerson Mini-Neb was used in the 1950s-1960s.
Image from Felix Khusid
Bennett Twin JetBennett Twin Jet
Bennett Twin Jet
An early Bennett Twin jet nebulizer is shown.
Image from Felix Khushid
1965 Bird Nebulizer Patent1965 Bird Nebulizer Patent
1965 Bird Nebulizer Patent
In 1965, Dr. Forrest M. Bird and H.L. Pohndorf were awarded a patent for their small volume nebulizer.
Bird NebulizerBird Nebulizer
Bird Nebulizer
A Bird Nebulizer is shown.
Image from Illinois Central College Archives, 1999
Bird NebulizerBird Nebulizer
Bird Nebulizer
A Bird nebulizer with a flow control adapter is shown.
Image from Gregory Rittenhouse
1971 SVN Patent1971 SVN Patent
1971 SVN Patent
In May 1971, a patent was awarded to Kentaro Takaoka for "Aerosol Nebulizer", a small volume nebulizer.
1970s SVNs1970s SVNs
1970s SVNs
Several examples of small volume nebulizers (SVNs) from the 1970s are shown.
Image from Dennis Glover
Assorted Small Volume NebulizersAssorted Small Volume Nebulizers
Assorted Small Volume Nebulizers
A variety of small volume nebulizers from multiple decades in the 20th century are pictured.
Image from Gregory Rittenhouse
1990s Jet Nebulizer1990s Jet Nebulizer
1990s Jet Nebulizer
A disassembled, small volume jet nebulizer is shown.
Image from Trudy Watson
1990s PARI Nebulizer1990s PARI Nebulizer
1990s PARI Nebulizer
A PARI Sprint reusable small volume nebulizer is shown.
Image from Dianne Lewis
Large VolumeLarge Volume
Large Volume
Large volume nebulizers are featured in this section of the gallery.
Mistogen Tepid MistMistogen Tepid Mist
Mistogen Tepid Mist
This ad for Mistogen's Tepid Mist nebulizer appeared in the September 1958 issue of the INHALATION THERAPY journal.
Puritan's All Purpose NebulizerPuritan's All Purpose Nebulizer
Puritan's All Purpose Nebulizer
The top of the Puritan's All-Purpose Nebulizer is shown with an optional immersion heater in place.
Image from Kerry George
1966 - Puritan's All Purpose Nebulizer1966 - Puritan's All Purpose Nebulizer
1966 - Puritan's All Purpose Nebulizer
This ad from the INHALATION THERAPY journal from the mid-1960s showed some of the options for use.
Puritan's All-PurposePuritan's All-Purpose
Puritan's All-Purpose
The Puritan's All-Purpose Nebulizer offered three FIO2 settings (FIO2 0.40. 0.70, and 1.0) and an optional immersion heating element.
Image from Kerry George
Dual Operation UnitsDual Operation Units
Dual Operation Units
A variety of devices which could operate as either humidifiers or nebulizers are shown.
Image from William LeTourneau
1960s Puritan Regulator1960s Puritan Regulator
1967 Bird Large Volume Nebulizer
The patent application was filed on April 13, 1965 by for Dr. Forrest Bird et al for "Nebulizer. Tha patent was granted on November 21, 1967.
Bird Large Volume NebulizerBird Large Volume Nebulizer
Bird Large Volume Nebulizer
The Bird Large Volume Nebulizer is shown.
Illinois Central College Archives. 1999
DeVilbiss 65 USNDeVilbiss 65 USN
DeVilbiss 65 USN
The control panel of the DeVilbiss Model 65 Ultrasonic Nebulizer is shown.
Devilbiss USN with BirdDevilbiss USN with Bird
Devilbiss USN with Bird
A Bird ventilator is shown connected to a DeVilbiss ultrasonic nebulizer.
Image from the Respiratory Care Department. OSF St. Francis Medical Center, Peoria, IL
Devilbiss USN with PR-2Devilbiss USN with PR-2
Devilbiss USN with PR-2
A DeVilbiss ultrasonic nebulizer (USN) is connected to a Bennett PR-2 in this 1970s photo.
DeVilbiss Ultra-Neb 99DeVilbiss Ultra-Neb 99
DeVilbiss UltraNeb 99
A DeVilbiss UltraNeb 99 (ultrasonic nebulizer) is pictured.
Image from Marby McKinney
1970 Mistogen CS/1431970 Mistogen CS/143
1970 Mistogen CS/143
This ad for the Mistogen CS/143 ultrasonic nebulizer appeared in the December 1970 issue of the INHALATION THERAPY journal.
1970 Mistogen USN1970 Mistogen USN
1970 Mistogen USN
The ultrasonic nebulizers were used for intermittent and continuous aerosol therapy.
Image from Tony Ruppert
1970s Monaghan 6701970s Monaghan 670
1970s Monaghan 670
The Monaghan 670 ultrasonic nebulizer is shown.
Image from Jim Ciolek
1970s Babington Nebulizers1970s Babington Nebulizers
1970s Babington Nebulizers
Examples of Babington nebulizers are shown.
Image from Tony Ruppert
1973 Solosphere1973 Solosphere
1973 Solosphere
The internal components of a Solosphere nebulizer is shown. The Solosphere operated on the Babington principle.
Image from Kerry George
1980 Babington Patent1980 Babington Patent
1980 Babington Patent
The Babington principle was first described in the early 1970s. In 1977, Robert Babington applied for a patent for his "Apparatus for Producing a Finely Divided Liquid Spray." The patent was awarded in October 1980. The Babington principle was utilized in nebulizers for medical and industrial applications.
1987 SPAG-21987 SPAG-2
1987 SPAG-2
The SPAG (Small Particle Aerosol Generator) was a pneumatic nebulizer used for the administration of aerosolized ribavirin.
Image from Brian Eggemeyer, Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center, St. Louis, MO
SPAG-2 6000SPAG-2 6000
SPAG-2 6000
A SPAG (Small Particle Aerosol Generator)-2 6000 series for ribavirin administration is shown,
Image from Illinois Central College Archives, 1999
1990s Hudson RCI Nebulizer1990s Hudson RCI Nebulizer
1990s Hudson RCI Nebulizer
The Hudson RCI disposable, large volume nebulizer had variable FIO2 settings and a 500mL capacity reservoir.
Image from Illinois Central College Archives, 1999
Patient InterfacesPatient Interfaces
Patient Interfaces
A variety of patient interfaces for aerosol therapy are shown.
Face TentFace Tent
Face Tent
The face tent worked well for individuals who considered aerosol face masks too be too confining. The nose and mouth were behind the shield of the face tent but the open top resulted in less claustrophobia sometimes associated with traditional aerosol masks. These also were tolerated well by patients with nasal or oral injuries.
Face TentsFace Tents
Face Tents
This ad from a 1962 issue of the INHALATION THERAPY journal shows staff from Oxyequip modeling their company's face tents.
Trach & Laryngectomy MasksTrach & Laryngectomy Masks
Trach & Laryngectomy Masks
In this 1958 ad from the INHALATION THERAPY journal, trach and laryngectomy masks were featured.
1950s Trach Mask1950s Trach Mask
1950s Trach Mask
A 1950s trach mask is shown.
Image from Felix Khusid
A PARI Sprint nebulizer with a mouthpiece attached is shown.
Image from Dianne Lewis
An aerosol T-piece is shown.
Dragon Face MaskDragon Face Mask
Dragon Mask
A pediatric aerosol face mask with dragon features, circa late 1990s, is shown.
Image from Trudy Watson
PARI "Bubbles" Face MaskPARI "Bubbles" Face Mask
PARI "Bubbles" Face Mask

Fun character masks enhance compliance of aerosol treatments in pediatric patients..

A PARI "Bubbles the Fish" mask and elbow adapter is shown.

Image from Dianne Lewis
Aerosol Mask and PARI NebulizerAerosol Mask and PARI Nebulizer
Aerosol Mask and PARI Nebulizer
An adult aersol face mask is shown attached to a PARI nebulizer.
Image from Dianne Lewis
A variety of air compressors used to power nebulizers are featured in this section.
1950s Emerson Aerosol Compressor1950s Emerson Aerosol Compressor
1950s Emerson Aerosol Compressor
This ad for an aerosol compressor manufactured by the Emerson Company appeared in the late 1950s in the INHALATION THERAPY journal.
1950s Aerosol Pump1950s Aerosol Pump
1950s Aerosol Pump
This ad for an aerosol pump appeared in a late 1950s ad in the INHALATION THERAPY journal.
MediMist CompressorMediMist Compressor
MediMist Compressor
The MediMist by Mountain Medical was a popular portable compressor used for nebulizer treatments in the hospital, clinic, and home.
DeVilbiss CompressorDeVilbiss Compressor
DeVilbiss Compressor
A heavy duty, compressor #8650D by DeVilbiss is shown.
Devilbiss Pulmo-AideDevilbiss Pulmo-Aide
Devilbiss Pulmo-Aide
A DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide compressor is shown with the lid raised. The compartment could hold the nebulizer and tubing for storage and transport.
DeVilbiss PulmoMateDeVilbiss PulmoMate
DeVilbiss PulmoMate
A DeVilbiss PulmoMate portable compressor is shown.
Pediatric CompressorPediatric Compressor
Pediatric Compressor
To appeal to the pediatric patients, compressors were designed in a variety of animal and toy shapes.
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