Early Infant & Pediatric Ventilators

Infant and pediatric ventilators from the 1960s -1980s are featured.

Bourns LS-104 Pediatric RespiratorBourns LS-104 Pediatric Respirator
Bourns LS-104 Pediatric Respirator
The Bourns LS-104 Pediatric Respirator resulted from research conducted at Iowa State University in the early 1960s. Bourns Corporation began production of the ventilator in 1966.
Bourns LS-104 RespiratorBourns LS-104 Respirator
Bourns LS-104 Respirator
This ad featuring the Bourns Pediatric Respirator LS-104, the nasal mask application kit, and the tiltable holding bed, appeared in the October 1967 issue of the INHALATION THERAPY journal.
Bourns LS-104-150Bourns LS-104-150
Bourns LS-104-150
Bourns LS104-150 DBourns LS104-150 D
Bourns LS104-150 D
Bourns Slide Rule
Image from Doug Pursley
Bourns BP200
This ad from 1981 features the Bourns BP 200 Infant Ventilator.
Bourns BP 200Bourns BP 200
Bourns BP 200
The Bourns BP200 was introduced circa 1980.
Image from Glenn Tammen
BP 200 in the NICUBP 200 in the NICU
BP 200 in the NICU
Image from Doug Pursley
Infant StarInfant Star
Infant Star
The Infrasonics Infant Star Ventilator was introduced circa 1984.
Image from Joe Goss
Infant Star – back viewInfant Star – back view
Infant Star – back view
The back of the Infrasonics Infant Star Ventilator is shown.
Image from Joe Goss
A glimpse of one of the NICU rooms at OSF St. Francis, Peoria, Illinois in the early 1980s. An Infant Star ventilator is shown on the left.

Image from the archives of OSF St. Francis Respiratory Therapy Department, Peoria, Illinois

Draeger Spiromat 661Draeger Spiromat 661
Draeger Spiromat 661
The Draeger Spiromat 661 ventilator could be used to ventilate pediatric patients.
Image provided by Draeger
BabyBird PatentBabyBird Patent
BabyBird Patent
In October 1976, Dr. Forrest M. Bird applied for a U.S. patent for his BabyBird ventilator. The patent was awarded on August 4, 1979.
Autographed BabyBirdAutographed BabyBird
Autographed BabyBird
A BabyBird ventilator, autographed by the inventor, Dr. Forrest M. Bird, is shown.
Image from William LeTourneau
BabyBird VentilatorBabyBird Ventilator
BabyBird Ventilator
Image from William LeTourneau
1979 BabyBird1979 BabyBird
1979 BabyBird
Image from Respiratory Care Department OSF St. Francis, Peoria IL
Image from Felix Khusid
BabyBird in NICUBabyBird in NICU
BabyBird in NICU
1980s in the NICU with the BabyBird
Image from Respiratory Dept, OSF St. Francis, Peoria IL
Babylog 8000Babylog 8000
Babylog 8000
The Dräger Babylog 8000, designed for neonates and infants, was introduced in the early 1980s.
Image from Dräger
Healthdyne 105Healthdyne 105
Healthdyne 105
A Healthdyne ventilator is in use on an infant shown in this circa 1980 photo from the Pediatric Intensive Care Children's Hospital of Boston.

Image from the archives of the Children's Hospital of Boston

Healthdyne 105 -frontHealthdyne 105 -front
Healthdyne 105 -front
The front panel of the Healthdyne 105 ventilator is shown.
1980 NICU1980 NICU
1980 NICU
Image from the archives of Children's Hospital of Boston
RT Cart in PICURT Cart in PICU
RT Cart in PICU
In this early 1980s photo, Respiratory Therapy's bedside equipment cart in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Children's Hospital of Boston. includes a Healthdyne ventilator and supportive monitoring equipment.
Image from the archives of Children's Hospital of Boston
OSF St Francis RT Department 1990s
A neonatal intensive care unit is shown.
Image from the archives of Children's Hospital of Boston
Sechrist IV-100BSechrist IV-100B
Sechrist IV-100B
The Sechrist IV-100B ventilator was introduced circa 1979.
Image from Stacy Lewis-Sells
Sechrist IV-100BSechrist IV-100B
Sechrist IV-100B
Image from Doug Pursley
Sechrist IV-100BSechrist IV-100B
Sechrist IV-100B
Image from Lindsay Fox
Bear CubBear Cub
Bear Cub
Infant Star 500 PLACEHOLDERInfant Star 500 PLACEHOLDER
Infant Star 500
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